Our goal is to exceed our customers' expectations by providing custom products and amazing customer service. Contact us anytime--we're happy to help!


Our 3-prong approach to customer happiness


1. Product durability

We don’t take any shortcuts. We build the highest quality products on the market that have been designed with the knowledge obtained through years of servicing and operating coin-operated equipment. We use manufacturing techniques like double-wall construction to give our products superior stability and strength. We’re so confident in our products’ durability, we even offer an industry-leading warranty. Our products always include features like coin comparators, which prevent common mishaps with coin-operated machines. 

2. Products designed for easy servicing

We design all of our products so that they’re easy for our customers to service, they are reliable and have exceptional security features.

3. First-class customer service

We’re not just selling you equipment, we’re selling you service after the sale. When our customers have questions, they have the option of talking to Allen, the inventor of all our equipment. There’s no question too small; we’re always here to help.




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