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    At Pushin’Prizes we pride ourselves on partnering with our customers to understand their business needs and design and manufacture innovative amusement products that meet these requirements. We understand that each state has specific legal requirements in order to do business and we tailor our products to coincide with these laws.

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We have over 30 years of experience in the manufacturing and coin-operated machine industries, allowing us to help our loyal customers stay ahead of  a market that's constantly changing. We seek feedback from our customers across the country and develop custom solutions to meet their specific business needs.This helps maximize their revenue potential. We design and manufacture our products ourselves in the United States to have first-class security and durability. If you have any questions or custom requests, call or email us, we’d be happy to work directly with you and provide personalized solutions!


Coin Pushers

Pushin' Prizes coin \ Quarter pusher skill games

Industries most secure and reliable design with many models and features to choose from. Including coin in coin out, ticket out redemption, RF Bonus, Prize locker, Self contained circulating system, Gumball dispenser, Bill changer

Prize Vaults

The Prize Vault enables you to entice more players to use your equipment by offering higher value prizes that can be won. These prizes are locked away in the Prize Vault and redeemed by winning a specific key that will unlock the prize vault door. You will drastically increase the earning potential of a coin-pusher, crane, or any other prize redemption game. Our Prize Vault can revitalize any game - old and new.

How it works:

1.The operator puts prizes inside the Prize Vault, and places keys to the prize vault on the play field.

2. When the player wins the key, they can unlock the vault and take the prize. Our special locking mechanism retains the key so it can't be removed without being reset with the master key.

3. The operator fills the prize vault with a new prize.

We've seen operators dramatically increase their revenue of their existing games by adding the Prize Vault. It provides a secure way of offering bigger prizes with higher value, resulting in higher volume of players. Try it, you'll be amazed!