Pyramid Technologies APEX 7400-U53 Bill Acceptor - 120V AC

Pushin' Prizes, Maryland CNC

$ 195.00 
Pyramid Technologies APEX 7400-U53 Bill Acceptor - 120V AC

  • Pyramid Technologies APEX 7400-U53 Bill Acceptor - 120V AC

The Pyramid Technologies, Inc Apex 7000 Series Bill Acceptor is compatible with other manufacturers' validators such as JCM, Mars, GPT, Innovative Technologies, Smiley, AstroSystems, Coinco, Ardac, GameMax, ICT, etc.

See the Pyramid Technologies Accessories category for options that will help you to reprogram your PTI acceptor with new firmware, connect to game and vending equipment, and retrofit (convert) PTI acceptors for use with systems that have non-standard I/O connections.

The next generation of the 5400 Series Bill Acceptor with multiple improvements including a faster processor, updated anti stringing, increased memory for future currency updates and more.


  • Bill Acceptor with Stacker
  • Accepts all US $1, $5, $10 & $20 bills
  • Accepts all new and old American currency, including the New $5 bill
  • CCTalk communication interface available
  • Built-in dipswitches allow quick switching from an 8 Liner to Pot of Gold without any programming
  • 500 Note Stacker unit comes standard
  • Many interfaces available
  • Lighted arrows on bezel and bill entry area
  • High security against fraudulent bills
  • Flash updates using a Palm TM PDA
  • Pushbutton / LED on-board diagnostics
  • Palm TM advanced diagnostics
  • Dual-stage optical anti-stringing
  • Simple setup with Configuration Card
  • Bills up to 72mm wide accepted for foreign applications
  • Automatic self-calibration, never requires user calibration
  • Comes standard as 120V AC
  • Manufactured in the United States
  • Complete with mounting plate, hardware and decals
  • 2 Year Warranty Backed by Pyramid Technologies, Inc

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