Pushin' Prizes with Bonus Game and Random Jackpot

Pushin' Prizes, Maryland CNC

$ 2,895.00 



The Pushin' Prizes with Bonus Targets Game takes the industry-best standard coin pusher and adds another level of skill while enticing players to drop more coins per minute while trying to win the jackpot.

The objective of this game is to activate the center jackpot target. In order to do this, players must hit the left or right target, then have 8 seconds to hit the target on the opposite site. If successful in hitting both targets in 8 seconds, they get an additional 8 seconds to hit the middle jackpot target. If they achieve this, player will receive a the jackpot bonus. 

Our new Bonus Game Coin Pusher also has a bonus jackpot feature that gives the illusion to the players they are receiving a random payout. The jackpot is predetermined by the operator and pays out according to how many coins are played.

This game is so addictive, players rapidly insert coins to hit the jackpot before their time runs out.

Our Coin Pusher is designed to prevent cheating and easy to service. Our games can also be set for token play. All our pusher games have the largest prize chute in the industry that allow for larger prizes which entices more play.


Thermal Printer: Add a Thermal Printer to allow players to print out a receipt of their winnings which can be redeemed.

Prize Vault: For an additional $395, you'll get the amazing Prize Vault that can stack on top of any machine, not only your Coin Pusher. The prize vault enables you to entice more players to play by offering the ability to win higher valued prizes. The prizes is locked in the vault and redeemed by winning a specific keys that will unlock the prize vault door. You'll quickly see an increase in the play of your machine.

Core Features

  • Industry's strongest CNC cut cabinet design
  • 12 month limited warranty
  • Bill Acceptor and Hopper included, accepting $1, $5, $10, and $20 bills and 2600 coin capacity
  • Front pullout drawer for ease of maintenance and security
  • T Handle High security locks
  • 3/8" Lexan front with corner security locks
  • Tilt Alarm siren
  • Dual electronic coin comparators, operating on quarters or tokens
  • Coin diverter operating on a preset timer
  • Programmable eye catching LED lighting
  • Custom programming available


Dimensions: 62" x 24" x 31” without Prize Vault, 85" x 24" x 31” with Prize Vault

Weight: 350 lbs

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