MEI AE2600 Bill Validator with Upstacker, Model AE2651U5E, 500 Bill Capacity

Pushin' Prizes, Maryland CNC

$ 325.00 

  • High, secure 4-way acceptance of $1, $2, $5, $10, $20 bills
  • Advanced sensing technology allows high acceptance rate by accepting torn, wrinkled, faded, damp, dirty, limp, folded or mutilated bills
  • Non-contact optical sensors eliminate pinch rollers offering a smooth bill path that reduces jams
  • Low Maintenance: Streamlined recognition system sensors are embedded under the smooth plastic bill path and the magnetic pinch roller has been eliminated dramatically reducing debris buildup and the need for cleaning
  • Security: Fully-encased optical sensors check paper type and the printing on both sides of the bill, while optical cross channel sensors examine the bill path for foreign objects such as clear tape or strings. This bill validator rejects most of the known counterfeits accepted by ordinary bill acceptors -through the use of multiple wavelength optical sensing and sophisticated data processing
  • Bezel option "0" allows for drop-in replacement for the VFM4 Upstacker Validator contains both gaming (MEI gaming) and vending (MDB) interfaces
  • Flash memory programmable. As more new U.S. bill designs are released, the validator can easily update the units in the field
  • Fully accessible bill path
  • Lighted bezel with easy-to-read diagnostic lamps
  • Easy-to-use dip switch settings and coupon configuration
  • Holds rejected bills
  • Self-generated jam-clearing function
  • Fully contained control box
  • Expandable upstacker magazine
  • Flexible interfacing available to accommodate various vending interfaces and communicate with a coin changer
  • Locking hasp available
  • Accepts bills in any direction
  • Two (2) Year Warranty
  • Hasp for Validator also avaliable

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