5-Door Prize Vault

Pushin' Prizes, Maryland CNC

$ 1,895.00 


The 5-Door Prize Vault enables you to entice more players to use your equipment by offering multiple high-value prizes  at the same time. Prizes are locked in the individual vaults and can only be opened with a specific key for each vault. You'll have the ability to offer a variety of prizes to a broad customer base. Also because this is a 5-door prize vault, the need to replenish your prizes is reduced. For only $1,195, watch how quickly your revenue increases.

How it works:

1. The operator puts prizes inside the Prize Vault, and places keys to the prize vault on the play field.

2. When the player wins the key, they can unlock the vault and take the prize. Our special locking mechanism retains the key so it can't be removed without being reset with the master key.

3. The operator fills the prize vault with a new prize.

We've seen operators dramatically increase their revenue of their existing games by adding the Prize Vault. It provides a secure way of offering bigger prizes with higher value, resulting in higher volume of players. Try it, you'll be amazed!

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