Skill Pusher with Gift Card Dispenser and Bonus Tokens

Pushin' Prizes

$ 4,295.00 


A true skill based game with a Gift Card dispenser awards players with a Gift Card's, Loyalty Cards, or other Player Cards of your choice. This is a non coin out machine and dispenses a Gift Card only.

Self contained system recirculates coins. Rapidly drop coins with the push of a button after inserting bills in the bill acceptor. Coins falling over the edge are counted and displayed and can be replayed or redeemed via an auto dispensed Gift Card.

 Spinning wheels add a new dimension of skill and player appeal and a unique Coin Splash bonus feature that kicks out coins directly onto the playfield in varying amounts and frequency.

Feature special electronic tokens that when pushed over the edge are read by the game to award a preprogrammed bonus such as:

  • Unlock a Prize Vault door (Any combination of lockers can be added)
  • Dispense Gift Card
  • Award bonus play
  • State specific programming available


  • Self contained system recirculates coins via elevator hopper system
  • Bill Acceptor
  • Dual LCD displays show credits and points won
  • Ability to replay points won
  • Gift Card Dispenser
  • RFID Programmable Bonus Tokens
  • Random Coin Splash Bonus drops coins into play 
  • Spinning skill wheels catches player attention and adds player appeal
  • Dual coin entry's for added reliability saves down time
  • Custom programming available for state specific regulations
  • Industries most reliable and secure design
  • Eye catching graphics and programmable LED lighting

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